What is Escape Room

Escape room is a quest game in reality, intelectual entertainment for a 2-5 people team. In the beginning you and your family, friends or colleagues will be locked in a room for 60 minutes, from which you will have to escape by solving logical tests, applying co-ordination skills, agility and ability to work in team in limited time and high-adrenaline conditions, we will take care of that. If you do not manage to escape in time, you will be rescued, but in order to solve all the tasks, you will have to visit the room again. If you are planning to have a bachelor party or a bridal shower, just another boring evening or you do not know what to get your friend for a gift on his birthday - this game was made for you! Come on in and experience these thrill and just have fun!

In one team can be 2-5 players

You have 60 minutes to escape

Not recommended for pregnant women and people suffering from epilepsy/claustrophobia

You must have more than 14 years

Underground Bunker

Post apocalyptic world.
You are deep beneath the ground in a lost bunker. The ventilation system is out of order and the oxygen is running out.
Radioactive gas will soon drain in your room, so you have only an hour to get out and look for a new asylum.
A person who lived here before you had left some notes and an evacuation plan map. Use it to find the secure place. Find the map and hurry up! Time is running out!

Mystery of the Hunter

In a world where there is a constant war for survival, there is no place for weaknesses. Who would have thought that salvation from a gloomy bunker was just a cunning step of his master to drag you into a hunt, the main trophy of which is yourself. Use the hour given to you, because there will not be another opportunity, but be careful if you do not want to wake the hunter.

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Our prices:

Underground Bunker:
2 people - €9 x 2
3 people - €8 x 3
4 people - €8 x 4
5 people - €8 x 5
6 people - €8 x 6

Mystery of the Hunter:
€9 per person

on the day of the birthday
50% discount

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