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Quest "A Hunter’s Secret"

You will find yourself in an adventure with many mysteries, puzzles, rebuses, all in a carefully designed space of a hunter’s cabin.

2 - 7
60 Min

A Hunter’s Secret

There is no place for weakness in a world where everyone is fighting a survival war. Who would have thought that saving you from a dark shelter was just its owner’s crafty plan to pull you into a hunt where you are the main trophy?! Make the best of the hour you have because there won’t be another opportunity. But be careful – you don’t want to wake the hunter!

The Escape Room "Hunter's Secret" is an intellectual entertainment for teenagers and adults that resembles the experience of playing a video game or watching a movie, but in real life. In the room, you can spend useful and exciting time with friends, family, colleagues, as well as test your relationships, plan a date or hide a gift for your friends. You will experience an adventure with many mysteries and puzzles, all taking place in the carefully thought-out hunter's cabin. Your task is to open the door and escape the room within 60 minutes, while the hunter is asleep.

Children under 10 years old are only allowed to enter together with adults or animators, after coordinating the details with the organizers.


Choose a date using the calendar then click on a event time.
Booking date:   
50 - 75 € 3 - 7 120 Min
15 - 35 € 3 - 6 30 Min
Please read the terms and conditions before quest booking. Terms and conditions page