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Room "Quest Zone"

Your task is to use the chaotic materials available in the area to take a vaccine and save the planet!

3 - 7
120 Min

Quest Zone

An experiment in a secret lab has resulted in an accidental explosion, which has contaminated the planet with a new virus. Scientists have managed to obtain some equipment that can be used to find an antidote and stop the spread of the illness. Your task is to find the vaccine using the chaotic materials found in the zone and save the planet! SO FAR ONLY IN RUSSIAN.

Quest Zone is a new form of quest which focuses on a central object. Unlike a quest room, this entertainment format is more passive and requires logical thinking in a team without much movement in space.


Choose a date using the calendar then click on a event time.
Booking date:   
50 - 75 € 3 - 7 120 Min
15 - 35 € 3 - 6 30 Min
Please read the terms and conditions before quest booking. Terms and conditions page